Key Points

Key Details

Full complete internal refurbishment of the 1st and 4th floor offices at the building known as the Education Building at Goldsmiths College. Works included the internal remodeling and redecoration of existing offices, full electrical rewire, plumbing, renewal of blinds, shelving, flooring and boxing in to remaining services.

Very tight timescales with office relocation being carried out within the same building.

Building in constant occupied use 24/7 ensures daily programming to minimize any disruption to the users of the building.

On site contract management, quick decisions and multi-trade operatives being utilized to ensure continuity of work operation in a fast moving specification delivery.

Tight cost control with on site daily account updates meant the project coming in £20k under budget.

Segregated work areas and site security integration

CLIENT – Goldsmiths University of London

PROJECT – Education Building Internal Refurbishment

DURATION / COMPLETION – 20 weeks / March 2014


ORGANISATIONS ROLE – Principal Contractor